Wednesday, August 16, 2017

School Supplies

Welcome Class of 2025! 

After looking at all the supplies we had left in various classroom, we realized that our school has PLENTY of white copy paper to last us for now! Do not purchase! I also have quite a few pencils, so I took that off the list. 

Keep in mind that school supplies should not be a huge financial hardship. Please let me know if your family is in need.  

Our Classroom Open House is on Thursday, August 31 from 3pm-4pm. Please stop by and check out our space! 

Communal Supplies
Please do not put names on supplies. They will be shared.
24 Ticonderoga pencils
24 black ballpoint pens with caps 
4pk of dry erase markers
4 black sharpies
4 small elmer's glue sticks
1 package of mini binder clips
Highlighters (yellow, blue, pink, green)
2 packages of 3x5 Lined Index Cards
3 post-it pads
1 package of duct OR masking OR painters OR packing tape
1 package of college ruled notebook paper
2 reams of white copy paper OR 1 ream of white and 1 ream of colored paper
2 boxes of Kleenex
Liquid hand sanitizer OR antibacterial wipes

Individual Supplies
Please write child's first and last name on front, as appropriate
1 backpack
1 lunchbox
1 reusable water bottle
1 pair of scissors
1 folder with pockets
1 package of washable markers
(1) 1-inch binder for portfolio
1 package of dividers for the portfolio binder
1 pencil case that zips closed
(1) 3-subject spiral notebook (college rule)
1 set of colored pencils
1 handheld pencil sharpener that collects shavings
Earbuds or headphones

Course I Math
(1) 3-subject sprial notebook
2 graph or quad-ruled paper composition books (Homework)

(1) 70 page college rule Spiral notebook
1 folder with pockets
One box of Kleenex

(1) 70 page college rule Spiral notebooks or (1) 1" three ring binder
1 folder with pockets

One box of Kleenex